Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Dozhd' went, when I left Steyplton, state of Georgia, where in me was encounter.
Dozhd' continued to go, when I drove up to its house.
Snachala stewardess declared so that we would look around our places and would try not to forget in the salon of the personal effect. Then she declared, that in the airport me expects the representative of airline. I

converted its hours to three hours ago, but in spite of this it was deeply within midnight.
to U of output me awaited the representative of airline, and fellow from the security service next stood to it. Kha, kha, kha, your razor spontaneously was included, and because of this your luggage they detained in

Fellow from the security service called loaders "shvyryalami". But still he called their "pikhalami". The matter could be and worse, said to me this fellow, at least, razor nevertheless not falloimitator. And then

it can be because we both were by men and pointer it was hour showed one in the morning, and it can be, it is simple in order to raise to me mood, it described that on aviation slang of steward call the

"stewardesses". This fellow bore the form, similar to the flying: white jacket with the small epaulets and blue necktie. He said that they searched my luggage, and that it will arrive next day.
Zatem he wrote down my name, address and number of telephone, and it asked, I do know 4, in what the difference between prezervativom and cockpit.
V prezervativ only one kher it enters, it explained.
YA arrived at the house on the taxi for latter ten.
the Mestnaya police tortured me by questions.
Moya the electric razor, which was accepted for the bomb, as before was located from me at a distance of three time zones. But present bomb, very large bomb, spread into the chips my fascinating coffee table of

the design Of "n'yurunda" in the form of forming circle bright green "in'" and orange "Jan".
however, To the very happened also of my soft corner Of "khaparanda" of Erik pekkari's design.
YA not the only victim of that instinct, which forces people to obustraivat' its nests. All my familiar, who earlier sat in the toilet with the pornographical periodical in the hands, now sit with the catalog of firm "IKEA".
Teper' in all is an armchair Of "yokhannesov", upholstered with striped thick cloth "Shtinne". My, by the way, fell, envelopped in flames, from the fifteenth floor into the fountain.
to U us in all the identical paper lanterns "of Rislampa- Jaras", stretched over by the unbleached ecologically harmless paper. My lanterns were with the figure of "confetti".
Plody of visits into the toilet.
Nabor of knives "alle". Stainless steel. Machine washing is maintained.
the Nastennye hours "vid'd" made of oxidized steel, as I could manage without them?
Stellazhnyy designer "klipsk", the clear matter.
Korobki for the hats Of "khemlig". Certainly.
Vsya was useyana bridge under the windows the sparkling fragments.
Nabor covered "mommala". Thomas kharil's Design. Large selection is color.
Slonovaya bone.
it Antratsit.
Yaichnaya shell and heather.
Vsya my life is shrewd to the purchase of this junk.
the Prostoye in the withdrawal varnish coating on the periodical tables Of "kaliks".
"Steg" the complete set of tables "three in one".
cum pantie pics

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dorogoy associate.

into 13.00 Moscow time 4 together with the day shift of scientific workers and the laboratory assistant Mary timofeyevoy it were located in the accomodation of main panel and were occupied by the screw die of new play diagram according to the resolution of council TSIKI from 14/07/28. Suddenly was heard the thunderous impacts into the door by the forged heel of boots. All being present were worried, since no one prevented us on the the interkomu about its arrival, was not used usual bell. To explain the personality stuchashchego with the aid of the video display unit it was impossible, probably, he was succeeded in stopping the rotation of camera. Meanwhile to us reached the threatening cries of the obscene content, in which the sergeant- technician Saveli p. prozorov (audiozapis' it is applied) was identified. We knew that it with the performance of official duties, but, in our unanimous opinion, was in the completely irresponsible state. First, it howled, that such brothers as we, must be on the winches shot or on the hummocks swept, in the second place, it called me gorynychem, thirdly, it required immediately giving out to it Maria- tsarevna, i.e., laboratory assistant to Timofeev. The frightened girl imperatively requested to free it from the contact with the mad. Here sergeant- technician finally visited. It put into the lock medal- cross-country vehicle and, although several men held door, after appearing truly psychopathic persistence, it broke into the accomodation. We, as authentic intellectuals, abstained from the application of physical force and only they attempted not to allow to approach maniac to the equipment and the girl, to take away medal in it and to extrude for the door. This almost succeeded for us, but it, having completely lost control over itself, used emetic- tearing aerosol and pitilessly started cams.